6 Things to Check On Your Home This Spring

6 Things to Check On Your Home This Spring

Ah spring, a time when the sun pours in the windows, plants are growing, things feel alive, and we give the house a good spring clean!

Although this winter was relatively mild, we certainly had some proud Canadian winter moments. You will probably want to make sure that your property weathered the storm and is in good condition. So here are six things to check on your home this spring!

The Roof
Your roof will have undoubtedly received the brunt of the winter weather, so when you can, it’ll be important for you to ensure that everything is still working as it should; that your shingles are securely fastened and (obviously) that none are missing. Additionally, for those who live in wet climates, check to make sure your roof is free from any kind of developing growth (moss etc.).

Shingled roofs should last approximately 20 years (depending, again, on variables such as climate) so as the years go on, don’t be surprised if and when sections of your roof begin to break down and deteriorate. A good idea to be prepared for such eventualities is have a separate account where you put money away, little by little.

Check your gutters for any loose connections, leaks and cracks, as well as for debris that may have gathered throughout the winter months. Keep in mind, as well, that downspouts should always be pointed away from the foundation.

Ground “Indentations”
Low-lying sections of your property (especially near your home’s foundation) can be problematic. These pools, if left to form in the wrong location, can lead to water coming through your home’s foundation. Not to mention, they can become an excellent breeding ground for all sorts of pesky insects.

Avoid these pitfalls by leveling the ground, sloping the soil away from the house (and adding soil as necessary).

Outdoor Concrete
Outdoor concrete (patios etc.) can shift or crack during those months when the ground around said pad freezes and thaws. So, as you come into spring, check to make sure that the concrete that surrounds your house hasn’t begun to slope into your foundation (starting to see a trend here? Hint: water = good. Water leaking into house = bad).

Additionally, if you do find cracks, or if the aesthetic appeal of your concrete has declined, take the time to clean and re-seal.

The Driveway
Paved driveways have a tendency to crack and wear over time (not unlike concrete). Springtime is the perfect time to reseal, while you're in that spring cleaning mood! This job will restore the color to a fresh black, while also ensuring that your driveway is free of bumps and weed protrusions.

Keep in mind, however, that most sealers will take about 48 hours to dry properly, so watch the weather, and don’t start anything that might be compromised by rain or windblown elements. Popular Mechanics has a great article to get you started!

The AC Unit
The reality is that air conditioning units run constantly throughout the summer months, so in addition to servicing your unit after the summer, consider having it serviced in the spring as well, since it will have been sitting dormant for several months.

There you have it. Six home/property areas to pay attention to as winter gives way to spring. I trust these will be helpful to you as you invest time and love into your property.

However if you are considering a little more than just regular maintenance this spring, mortgage rates are at an all time low, now might be a great time to talk about using some of the equity in your property, to renovate and/or increase your property’s value!

Information provided by Dominion Lending Centres Inc. and http://www.adilvirani.ca/